We are Again Technology

Founded in 2020 with the obsession of driving true innovation in an area that has been stagnant for decades. We are deeply passionate serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in e-commerce, retail, payments, and consumer insights. It has been a tough journey to bring entirely new technology to the market to connect consumers and businesses in a completely new way.

After deep pilot collaborations during 2023, we are now exiting BETA and presenting a fully finished platform that is a true 10x killer product compared to today's possibilities. We have an exciting year ahead of us, thank you for taking an interest in our journey.

Johan Lönnberg, CEO, January 2024


  1. Johan and Magnus, interviewed 23 technical co-founders before finding the perfect match in Gothenburg.

    Christoffer & Nils joined and initial construction began 1 October 2020.

  2. Focus on initial testing of consumer side, learning how to approach respondents, create fast response and scalable aggregation of transactions.

    1000+ tests to understand and figure out.

  3. After sleepless nights, in May 2022, we finally cracked the code on how to onboard consumers, sharing their consumption to prove where they actually shop. And doing this at extreme pace with control.

  4. Learning how to deliver true value to the retail industry. Close pilot-projects with Axfood owned Urban Deli, Gateau, Björn Axén and LYKO.

    Going from BETA to developing Again Studio, Enterprise platform.

  5. Going to market with our creation, transaction fueled consumer insights platform. Making it possible to talk to, measure and reward anonymous consumers in real time.

    We’ve done all the groundwork, and now it’s time for next batch of breakthroughs! :)

Across the team, we’ve founded 15 companies, the grind is real

Johan Lönnberg - CEO


Johan Lönnberg

Johan founded 5 companies before Again, with proven success within E-commerce, logistics and DTC brands. Best known for founding Piece of Norway, then going from 0 to 50MSEK sales, in 1 year. A true DTC rocket.

Piece of Norway logo
Jonas Nilsson - CCO


Jonas Nilsson

MSc Science at Uppsala University and obsessed with data driven insights, market research and brand measurement. Prior to Again, 10 years with Whispr Group.

Whispr logo
Gustav Östman - COO


Gustav Östman

BSc Business/Economics at Stockholm University. Operator with laser focus on true value. Trained by Kekst CNC and JKL, learned alot at Leksell Social Ventures, best known for COO at Samtrygg.

Samtrygg logo
Christoffer Skeppstedt - Frontend

Frontend Genius

Christoffer Skeppstedt

MSc, Computer Science at Chalmers. Specialized in high velocity transactions, trained at Klarna, and Founding Team at Tickster, the Swedish unlimited ticket engine.

Klarna logo
Nils Edström - Backend

Backend Architect

Nils Edström

BSc, Informatics at Chalmers. Specialized in secured scalable data base structure. Early team scaling Tickster. Specialist/consultant at global brands.

Tickster logo
Magnus Elm - Consumer App

Consumer App

Magnus Elm

Magnus founded 5 companies before Again. Multiple app-based marketplaces. Latest being BRUCE. Started, built and sold to NOVAX. (Axel Johnson)

Bruce logo

Experienced investors, with an active coaching role

The Band

The Band

Consists of Per Emanuelsson, Björn Melinder and more. Built, scaled and sold Soundtrap to Spotify.

Deep knowledge within all aspects of Agains challenges.


Tord Lendau

Seasoned CEO and investor. Skilled builder of go to market and scaling sales.

Brought innovation to market with repeated success. IPO’d 2 companies.



Nomandala consists of tech passionate lawyers, partners to Hansen Law. Speciality within Venture Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions and Tech.

Industry advisors

Anna Johansson

Anna Johansson

Retail specialist with extensive background within all aspects of retail industry. Broad network together with deep knowledge of consumers driving forces, makes Anna a perfect fit for Again Technology.

Dan Jacobson

Dan Jacobson

Former director within ICA Sverige, with 30 years experience within all aspects of food retailing and groceries. Dan's knowledge within datadriven consumer insights, has been magical from the get go.